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Adjectival nounEdit

ようかい (-na inflection, rōmaji yōkai)

  1. 妖怪, 祅恠: creepy, spooky, ghastly, perilous


ようかい (rōmaji yōkai)

  1. 妖怪, 祅恠: a supernatural being, a monster, an apparition; disaster, misfortune, peril
  2. 容喙: interference, meddling
  3. 洋灰: cement, concrete
  4. 溶解, 鎔解, 熔解: smelting metal, melting metal
  5. 溶解: dissolution, fusion, fusing, solution


ようかいする (rōmaji yōkai suru)

  1. 容喙: to interfere, to meddle
  2. 溶解, 鎔解, 熔解: to smelt metal, to melt metal
  3. 溶解: to dissolve, to fuse, to become a solution of two or more substances