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よく (yoku

  1. 良く, 善く, 克く: adverbial form of よい (yoi, good) good, well
    1. adverbial form of いい (ii, good)
      Yoku yatta.
      Well done!
      Yoku kita na.
      Well done for making it this far.
  2. 良く: frequently, often
    Watashi wa hon o yoku yomimasu.
    I read books a lot.
  3. 良く, 善く: having astonishing ability or guts
    Yoku sonna koto ieru ne.
    You've got guts saying something like that.
  4. 能く: (literary) able to
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For pronunciation and definitions of よく – see the following entries.
[noun] desire, a want, that which is wanted
[noun] greed, avarice
[noun] ambition, will
Alternative spelling
[noun] a wing (of a bird or insect)
[noun] (aviation) an airfoil
[noun] (military) a flank
[noun] a blade (of a propeller, turbine, etc.) with the same cross section of an aircraft wing
[counter] counter for wings of birds
[counter] (by extension) counter for birds
[counter] counter for boats
[affix] wing (of a bird, insect, aircraft, etc.)
[affix] (by extension) something overhanging both left and right, like a wing
[affix] assist, help, support
[proper noun] (Chinese astronomy) the Wings constellation, one of the Twenty-Eight Mansions
[proper noun] a female given name
(This term, よく, is the hiragana spelling of the above terms.)
For a list of all kanji read as よく, see Category:Japanese kanji read as よく.)