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From English gnome, from French gnome.


ノーム (rōmaji nōmu)

  1. a gnome (legendary being)
  2. a gnome (elemental being of earth)
    • 2003 April 10, Amano, Kozue, “Navigation08 ほしうたごえ [Navigation08 Chorus of the Planet]”, in ARIAアリア [ARIA], volume 2 (fiction, in Japanese), Tokyo: Mag Garden, →ISBN, page 80, in Japanese), :
      火星 (アクア) () ()にはね地重管理人 (ノーム)という (ひと) (たち)がいて—— (じゅう) (りょく)を1 (ジー) ()もってくれてるのよ
      Akua no chika ni wa ne Nōmu to iu hito-tachi ga ite—— jūryoku o ichi-jī ni tamotte kureteru no yo
      The people known as Gnomes, who live under the ground of Aqua—— are responsible for maintaining gravity at 1G

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