Japanese edit

Kanji in this term
いち > いっ
Grade: 1
Grade: S
Alternative spelling
一緖に (kyūjitai)

Adverb edit

(いっ)(しょ) (issho ni

  1. together, with
    Ginkō e issho ni ikimasen ka.
    Won't you go with me to the bank?
    Hanako to issho ni eiga o mi ni itta.
    I went to see the movie together with Hanako.
    Issho ni yarō yo!
    Let's do it together!

Usage notes edit

  • This word is a standard adverb construction from the noun 一緒 + the particle (ni), but it sees much more use in this form than any other.
  • As is normal in Japanese, the word 一緒に generally refers to the topic, which in a simple statement like 「一緒に行きませんか。」 ("Issho ni ikimasen ka."), is going to be the speaker. Thus, 「一緒に行きませんか。」 can usually be translated to "Won't you go with me?", except where the context dictates otherwise.