Chinese edit

not; no as (if); such as
trad. (不如)
simp. #(不如)

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Verb edit


  1. to be not like; to be not equal to; to be not as good as; cannot compare to; to be inferior to
    今天不如昨天暖和 [MSC, trad. and simp.]
    Jīntiān bùrú zuótiān nuǎnhuo. [Pinyin]
    Today is not as warm as yesterday.
    有些不如畜生 [MSC, trad. and simp.]
    Yǒuxiē rén huó de zhēn bùrú chùsheng. [Pinyin]
    Some people are so contemptible.

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Conjunction edit


  1. it would be better to; might as well; let's
    不如今日游水 [Guangzhou Cantonese, trad. and simp.]
    bat1 jyu4 gam1 jat6 heoi3 jau4 seoi2 laa1! [Jyutping]
    Let's go swimming today!

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Japanese edit

Kanji in this term
Grade: 4 Grade: S
For pronunciation and definitions of 不如 – see the following entry.
[verb] negative of 如く
[verb] to be worse than; be inferior to
Alternative spellings
不若, 若かず, 不及, 及かず
(This term, 不如, is an alternative spelling of the above term.)