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不空成就如来: a Tibetan statue of Amoghasiddhi.


From Middle Chinese 不空成就如來 (pjuw khuwng dzyeng dzjuwH njo loj). Compare modern Mandarin 不空成就佛 (bùkōng chéngjiù fō), exchanging 如來 (rúlái) for roughly synonymous ().

The Middle Chinese term itself is a compound of 不空成就 + 如來:


  • On'yomi
  • IPA(key): [ɸɯᵝkɯᵝːd͡ʑʲo̞ːd͡ʑʲɯᵝ njo̞ɺ̠a̠i]

Proper nounEdit

不空成就如来 (hiragana ふくうじょうじゅにょらい, rōmaji Fukūjōju Nyorai)

  1. (religion, Buddhism) Fukūjōju Nyorai: the Buddha of the North, called Amoghasiddhi; the embodiment of the accomplishment of the Buddhist path and the overcoming of envy, one of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, and an important entity in Shingon Buddhism

Coordinate termsEdit

The 五智如来 (Go Chi Nyorai, Five Dhyani Buddhas) and associated directions are:

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