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dry; clean; male; strong; one of the Eight Trigrams; surname
clean; completely; only
trad. (乾淨/乾凈) /
simp. (干净)




  1. clean; neat and tidy
    乾淨 / 干净  ―  gānjìng  ―  to wipe clean
  2. complete; total
    乾淨 / 干净  ―  chī gānjìng  ―  to eat up
  3. neat (done with skill or efficiency)


Dialectal synonyms of 乾淨 (“clean; not dirty”) [map]
Variety Location Words
Formal (Written Standard Chinese) 清潔, 潔淨
Mandarin Beijing 乾淨
Taiwan 乾淨
Jinan 乾淨
Xi'an 乾淨
Wuhan 乾淨, 伶新
Chengdu 乾淨
Yangzhou 乾淨, 清爽
Hefei 乾淨, 清亮
Cantonese Guangzhou 乾淨
Hong Kong 乾淨
Taishan 乾淨, 虔誠
Yangjiang , 伶俐
Gan Nanchang 乾淨
Hakka Meixian , 伶俐
Miaoli (N. Sixian) 淨俐, 伶俐
Liudui (S. Sixian) 淨俐, 伶俐
Hsinchu (Hailu) 淨俐, 伶俐
Dongshi (Dabu) 淨俐, 伶俐
Hsinchu (Raoping) 淨俐, 伶俐
Yunlin (Zhao'an) 淨俐, 伶俐
Jin Taiyuan 乾淨
Min Bei Jian'ou 伶俐
Min Dong Fuzhou 澈潔
Matsu 澈潔, 清氣
Min Nan Xiamen 清氣
Quanzhou 清氣
Zhangzhou 清氣
Taipei 清氣
Penang 清氣
Philippines (Manila) 清氣
Chaozhou 清氣
Wu Suzhou 清爽, 乾淨
Wenzhou 了滯, 清水, 光生
Xiang Changsha 乾淨
Shuangfeng 乾淨, 料俏