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man; person; people difficult; hard; hardship not; no
to tear open; to tear down; to tear apart; to open
trad. (人艱不拆)
simp. (人艰不拆)


From a line in the lyrics of Lying (《說謊》), a 2009 song by Yoga Lin, condensed to resemble a four-character chengyu (idiom):

說謊 已經如此 有些事情 穿 [MSC, trad.][▼ expand/hide]
说谎 已经如此 有些事情 穿 [MSC, simp.]
bié shuō wǒ shuōhuǎng; rénshēng yǐjīng rúcǐ de jiānnán; yǒuxiē shìqíng; jiù yào chāichuān [Pinyin]
Don’t say that I'm lying;
Life has been so hard already;
Some things,
Are better not exposed.




  1. (neologism, slang, humorous) Life is hard already; some things need not be revealed.

Usage notesEdit

Often used to respond to a stress-inducing revelation of truth by another person.