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Grade: S


及び (hiragana および, rōmaji oyobi)

  1. and, as well as
    • 1936, 柳宗悦, 日本民藝館について:
      ただし毎月曜日 (まいげつようび) (およ)大祭日 (たいさいじつ) (きゅう) (かん)
      Tadashi mai-getsuyōbi oyobi taisaijitsu wa kyūkan.
      But it's closed on Mondays and holidays.

Usage notesEdit

  1. Used in conjunction with narabi ni (並びに) to form complex lists, particularly in legal contexts. Narabi ni divides subsets within the list while oyobi is used to conjoin more closely related items.
    • 1946, Constitution of Japan:
      Attestation of the appointment and dismissal of Ministers of State and other officials as provided for by law, and of full powers and credentials of Ambassadors and Ministers. (Article 7.5)
  2. Often written in hiragana.

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