U+5622, 嘢

CJK Unified Ideographs


Han characterEdit

(Kangxi radical 30, +11, 14 strokes, cangjie input 口田土弓 (RWGN), composition )



Glyph originEdit

Phono-semantic compound (形聲): semantic + phonetic .

Etymology 1Edit

simp. and trad.
alternative forms

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  1. (Cantonese, dialectal Hakka, Zhongshan Min) thing; matter; stuff (Classifier: c;  c)
    [Cantonese]  ―  hou2 je5! [Jyutping]  ―  Good stuff! Hooray!
    人哋人哋 [Cantonese]  ―  gong2 jan4 dei6 ge3 je5 [Jyutping]  ―  to talk about other people's stuff
    日本泰國 [Cantonese, trad.]
    日本泰国 [Cantonese, simp.]
    nei5 soeng2 sik6 jat6 bun2 je5 ding6 sik6 taai3 gwok3 je5 aa3? [Jyutping]
    Do you want to eat Japanese food or Thai food?
  2. (Cantonese, derogatory, always with the classifier) guy; fellow; devil (Classifier: c)
    [Cantonese]  ―  nei5 zek3 je5 aa1! [Jyutping]  ―  You bastard!
  3. (Cantonese, euphemistic, always with the classifier) penis (Classifier: c)
  4. (Cantonese, always with the classifier) negative matters caused by or associated with someone (Classifier: c;  c;  c)
    睇穿睇穿 [Cantonese]  ―  tai2 cyun1 keoi5 lung4-2 je5 [Jyutping]  ―  to see through their schemes
  5. (Cantonese, always with the classifier) age of a person, approximating in multiples of tens (only for three or above) (Classifier: c)
    [Cantonese]  ―  saam1 zoeng1 je5 [Jyutping]  ―  thirty-odd years old
  6. (Cantonese) Classifier for occurrences of events.
    唔好但係 [Cantonese, trad.]
    唔好但系 [Cantonese, simp.]
    giu3 zo2 keoi5 m4 hou2 zoi3 zeot1 ngaan5, daan6 hai6 keoi5 hai6 dou1 jiu3 zeot1 do1 gei2 je5 gaa3 wo3. [Jyutping]
    I told him to stop rubbing his eyes, but he still goes on rubbing it a few more times.


Etymology 2Edit

simp. and trad.

The character is found volume 8 of the 40-volume version of the Chinese translation of the Mahāyāna Mahāparinirvāṇa Sūtra.


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