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The word 堅い was derived from ancient Japanese origin かたし (katashi: “hard”) and applied the meaning of Chinese letter 堅 that means keeping its physical shape or behaviour by its excellent quality.


堅い (-i inflection, hiragana かたい, romaji katai)

  1. firm, resolute
    彼女 (かのじょ)結婚 (けっこん)への意思 (いし) (かた)かった
    Kanojo no kekkon e no ishi wa katakatta.
    She was absolutely determined to get married.
  2. honest, steadfast
    その僧侶 (そうりょ) (かた) (おこな)いをする。
    Sono sōryo wa katai okonai o suru.
    The behaviour of the priest is honest.
  3. stern, strict, serious
     (かた) (はなし)はそのへんにして…
    katai hanashi wa sono hen ni shite…
    Be strict about that…
  4. safe
    三万円 (さんまんえん)用意 (ようい)しておけば (かた)
    Sanman en o yōi shiteokeba katai.
    It will be safe if you prepare thirty thousand yen.
  5. indestructible, unwreckable
    この (とびら)鉄製 (てっせい) (かた)
    Kono tobira wa tessei de katai.
    This door is iron-made and indestructible.


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