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good; well; be fond of
look down upon; (Cant.) to look; to see; to look after; to think
simp. and trad.



好睇 (Cantonese, Teochew)

  1. beautiful; good-looking; attractive
  2. proper; decent; attractive; seemly
  3. (of media like movies) enjoyable; a pleasure to watch


Dialectal synonyms of 漂亮 (“good-looking; beautiful”) [map]
Variety Location Words
Formal (Written Standard Chinese) 漂亮
Mandarin Beijing 好看, 漂亮,
Taiwan 好看, 漂亮,
Tianjin , 漂亮, 好看
Jinan 好看, 漂亮,
Xi'an 好看, 排場, 心疼
Wuhan 好看, 漂亮,
Yangzhou 好看, 標緻
Hefei 好看, 漂亮, 排場
Cantonese Guangzhou 好睇,
Hong Kong 好睇,
Yangjiang 好看, 好樣, , 整齊
Gan Nanchang 客氣, 好看
Hakka Meixian 好看, , ,
Jin Taiyuan 好看, 惜人, 客戲
Min Bei Jian'ou 好覷, 雅式, 生得好
Min Dong Fuzhou , 生得好, 卓佳
Min Nan Xiamen , 好看, 緣投
Quanzhou , 好看, 緣投,
Philippines (Manila) , 好看, 緣投,
Chaozhou , 好睇
Wu Shanghai 漂亮, 好看
Suzhou 好看, 標緻, 漂亮
Wenzhou 好眙, 生好, 骨切
Xiang Changsha 好看, 漂亮
Shuangfeng 好看, 漂亮


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