finish; complete; accomplish
finish; complete; accomplish; become; turn into; win; succeed; one tenth
day; sun; date
day; sun; date; day of the month; Japan (abbrev.)
simp. and trad.




  1. (formal or colloquial Cantonese) all day long; the whole day long
    考試之後成日 [Cantonese, trad.]
    考试之后成日 [Cantonese, simp.]
    haau2 si3 zi1 hau6 go2 jat6, keoi5 daa2 zo2 seng4 jat6 gei1. [Jyutping]
    On the day after exams, he played video games for the whole day.
  2. (Cantonese) always; habitually; all the time
    你哋成日飲茶 [Cantonese, trad.]
    你哋成日饮茶 [Cantonese, simp.]
    nei5 dei6 seng4 jat6 dou1 heoi3 jam2 caa4, m4 mun6 gaa3 me1? [Jyutping]
    Don't you get tired of going to dim sum all the time?


  • (all day long):
  • 一天 (yītiān) (colloquial)
  • 全天 (quántiān)
  • 全日 (quánrì) (formal, usually a working day)
  • 成天 (chéngtiān)
  • (always):