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just (right); main; upright
just (right); main; upright; straight; correct; principle; Chinese 1st month of year
always; ever; often
always; ever; often; frequently; common; general; constant
simp. and trad.

Pronunciation edit

  • zian3 siên5 - Chaozhou;
  • zian3 sion5 - Shantou.
  • Wu
  • Adjective edit


    1. normal; regular; ordinary
      正常開放正常开放  ―  zhèngcháng kāifàng  ―  to be open as normal
      物質含量超過正常許可 [MSC, trad.]
      物质含量超过正常许可 [MSC, simp.]
      Dúwùzhì hánliàng chāoguò zhèngcháng xǔkězhí shù bèi. [Pinyin]
      The content of toxins in the substance exceeds twice the allowed quantity.

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    Grade: 1
    Grade: 5

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    Middle Chinese 正常

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    (せい)(じょう) (seijōせいじやう (seizyau)?-na (adnominal (せい)(じょう) (seijō na), adverbial (せい)(じょう) (seijō ni))

    1. normal

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    Noun edit

    (せい)(じょう) (seijōせいじやう (seizyau)?

    1. something that is normal, normality

    References edit

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