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flowery; flourishing; magnificent
flowery; flourishing; magnificent; your; grey; corona; time; essence; China; Chinese; name of a mountain
all; assist; to store
trad. (華胥)
simp. (华胥)
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  1. (Chinese mythology) mythological civilisation to the south of Mount Hua; ideal state
  2. (Chinese mythology) mother of Fuxi
  3. () Huaxu (a town in Lantian, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China)

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  1. (figurative) dream; dreamland

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Grade: S

Etymology edit

Literary Chinese 華胥 (Huáxū, Huaxu), from the chapter "Yellow Emperor" of Liezi, in which the Yellow Emperor dreamt of a paradise of this name during his nap.

Noun edit

()(しょ) (kasho

  1. (literary) Synonym of 昼寝 (hirune, afternoon nap)
    kasho no kuni ni asobu
    to have a good nap
    (literally, “to enjoy some leisure time in the land of Huaxu”)