Chinese edit

to penetrate; thorough; penetrating
to penetrate; thorough; penetrating; to pass through; to pierce
clear; bright; to understand
clear; bright; to understand; next; the Ming dynasty
trad. (透明)
simp. #(透明)

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  1. transparent (allowing light to pass through)
  2. transparent (open to public scrutiny)

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Grade: S
Grade: 2

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Adjective edit

(とう)(めい) (tōmei-na (adnominal (とう)(めい) (tōmei na), adverbial (とう)(めい) (tōmei ni))

  1. transparent (allowing to see through)
  2. invisible
    透明(とうめい)(にん)(げん)tōmei ningeninvisible man
  3. clear, unclouded
    (とう)(めい)(おと)tōmei na otoclear sound

Inflection edit

Noun edit

(とう)(めい) (tōmei

  1. (optics) transparency
  2. state of being clear and unclouded

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