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to hinder; to block; to obstruct to stop; prohibit; till
simp. and trad.

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  1. to stop; to prevent; to convince not to

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Kanji in this term

Grade: S

Grade: 2
kan’on on’yomi
Alternative spelling

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Ultimately from Middle Chinese 阻止 (MC tsrjoX|tsrjoH tsyiX). First attested in 1827.[1]

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Noun edit

()() (soshi

  1. blocking, thwarting, prevent, hindrance, impedance or impediment
    Synonym: 阻む (habamu)
    Antonyms: (promotion) 推進 (suishin), (assistance) 後押し (atooshi)

Verb edit

()()する (soshi surutransitive suru (stem ()() (soshi shi), past ()()した (soshi shita))

  1. to block, to thwart, to prevent, to impede, to hinder something
    hōan o soshi suru
    to block a bill
    mizu no fusoku ga toshi no seichō o soshi suru
    the lack of water is impeding the growth of the city
    shinten o soshi suru
    to hinder progress
    sensō no boppatsu o soshi suru
    to prevent the outbreak of war

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