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U+C9C4, 진
Composition: + +
Dubeolsik input:w-l-s

Hangul Syllables



Etymology 1Edit

즤 ←→ 짜


  • IPA(key)[t͡ɕin]
  • Phonetic Hangul[]
Revised Romanization? jin
Revised Romanization (translit.)? jin
McCune–Reischauer? chin
Yale Romanization? cin


  1. A Hangul syllabic block made up of , , and .

Etymology 2Edit

Korean reading of various Chinese characters.



  1. : progression
    (eumhun reading: 나아갈 진 (naagal jin))
  2. : pressing
    (eumhun reading: 진압할 진 (jinaphal jin))
  3. : true
    (eumhun reading: 참 진 (cham jin))
  4. : stirring up
    (eumhun reading: 떨칠 진 (tteolchil jin))
  5. : progression
    (eumhun reading: 나아갈 진 (naagal jin))
  6. : jewel
    (eumhun reading: 보배 진 (bobae jin))
  7. : dragon as the 5th earthly branch; the bearing 120º (between ESE and SE); the third lunar month; & the time from 7 to 9 am; also a name of various early Korean states
    (eumhun reading: 별 진 (byeol jin))
  8. : ferry
    (eumhun reading: 나루 진 (naru jin))
  9. : bestowal
    (eumhun reading: 베풀 진 (bepul jin))
  10. : diagnosing
    (eumhun reading: 볼 진 (bol jin))
  11. : lightning
    (eumhun reading: 벼락 진 (byeorak jin))
  12. : forming ranks
    (eumhun reading: 진 칠 진 (jin chil jin))
  13. : a kind of rice
    (eumhun reading: 이름 (byeo ireum jin))
  14. : mote
    (eumhun reading: 티끌 진 (tikkeul jin))
  15. : finishing
    (eumhun reading: 다할 진 (dahal jin))
  16. : 수레 튀덕 나무
  17. : jade-like stone
    (eumhun reading: 옥돌 진 (okdol jin))
  18. : beautiful stone
    (eumhun reading: 아름다운 돌 진 (areumdaun dol jin))
  19. : hazel
    (eumhun reading: 개암나무 진 (gaeamnamu jin))
  20. : rescue
    (eumhun reading: 구휼할 진 (guhyulhal jin))
  21. : insertion
    (eumhun reading: 꽂을 진 (kkojeul jin))
  22. : multitude
    (eumhun reading: 많을 진 (maneul jin))
  23. : measles
    (eumhun reading: 홍역 진 (hong-yeok jin))
  24. : wrath
    (eumhun reading: 성낼 진 (seongnael jin))
  25. : glaring
    (eumhun reading: 부릅뜰 진 (bureuptteul jin))
  26. : surprise
    (eumhun reading: 놀랄 진 (nollal jin))
  27. : insertion
    (eumhun reading: 꽂을 진 (kkojeul jin))
  28. : progression
    (eumhun reading: 나아 진 (naa jin))
  29. : eaves
    (eumhun reading: 처마 진 (cheoma jin))
  30. : ending
    (eumhun reading: 다할 진 (dahal jin))
  31. : paddy path
    (eumhun reading: 두렁길 진 (dureonggil jin))
  32. : hemp yarn
    (eumhun reading: 삼실 진 (samsil jin))
  33. : arriving
    (eumhun reading: 이를 진 (ireul jin))
  34. : a kind of chrysanthemum
    (eumhun reading: 더위지기 진 (deowijigi jin))
  35. : unhemmed garments
    (eumhun reading: 홑옷 진 (hotot jin))

Etymology 3Edit

Hangulization of various English words.



  1. jeans, or jean fabric
  2. gin

Etymology 4Edit

Determinative form of various Korean verbs and adjectives.


(jin) (determiner of 질다)

  1. wet, watery


(jin) (past-tense determiner of 지다)

  1. having lost.