𒁀 U+12040, 𒁀
Cuneiform 𒁁

Translingual edit

Cuneiform sign edit

𒁀 Sign Number
MZL 14
Deimel 5
HZL 205

References edit

English Wikipedia has an article on:
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  • A. Deimel, Šumerisches Lexikon (Deimel), Rome (1947)
  • Chr. Rüster, E. Neu, Hethitisches Zeichenlexikon (HZL), Wiesbaden (1989)

Akkadian edit

Sign values edit

Sign 𒁀
Sumerograms BA
Phonetic values ba

Etymology edit

Orthographic borrowing from Sumerian 𒁀 (ba, to give as a gift, to divide up).

Logogram edit

𒁀 (BA)

  1. Sumerogram of qiāšum (to bestow)
  2. Sumerogram of zâzum (to divide up)

Sumerian edit

Etymology 1 edit

Noun edit

𒁀 (ba)

  1. allotment, distribution, share

Verb edit

𒁀 (ba)

  1. to divide up, allot, distribute, assign
  2. to give as a gift or a share
  3. to reduce, diminish, deteriorate

Derived terms edit

Etymology 2 edit

Contraction of 𒁉 (be₂ /⁠be⁠/, this) +‎ 𒀀 (a, locative case marker).

Determiner edit

𒁀 (ba //)

  1. locative of 𒁉 (be₂ /⁠be⁠/, this)

Etymology 3 edit

Contraction of 𒁉 (be₂ /⁠be⁠/) and the genitive case marker /-ak/.

Determiner edit

𒁀 (ba /bâk/)

  1. genitive of 𒁉 (be₂ /⁠be⁠/, this)

Pronoun edit

𒁀 (ba /bâk/)

  1. genitive of 𒁉 (be₂ /⁠be⁠/, its)

References edit

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