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From Middle Korean 과〮 (Yale: -kwá), from Old Korean (*-kwa).



  1. and
    Synonyms: (colloquial) 이랑 (-irang), (rather literary) 이며 (-imyeo)
    연필chaek-gwa yeonpilpencil and book
  2. with; together with
    Synonym: (colloquial) 이랑 (-irang)
    가족 같이 가세?Gajok-gwa gachi gase-yo?Are [you] going with [your] family?
    미군 아프간에서 탈레반 싸웠다.
    Migun-eun Apeugan-eseo Talleban-'gwa ssawotda.
    U.S. forces fought with the Taliban in Afghanistan.
  3. as, from; used in comparisons
    Synonym: (colloquial) 이랑 (-irang)
    다르다.Na-neun neo-wa dareuda.I am different from you.
    성격 같다.
    Geu-ui seonggyeog-eun bul-gwa gatda.
    His personality is similar to fire.

Alternative formsEdit

  • (-gwa)after consonants
  • (-wa)after vowels
  • (-ga)Yukjin dialect, after both vowels and consonants