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Back-formation from unary and similar, from Latin adjective suffixes -aris and -arius; compare related -arian, and -adic. Doublet of -eer and -yer.



  1. Of or pertaining to; adjective suffix appended to various words, often nouns, to make an adjective form. Often added to words of Latin origin, but used with other words also.
    order, ordinary
    Synonyms: -al, -ar, -ese, -ic, -id, -ish, -like, -oid, -ory, -ous, -y
  2. (mathematics) Having the specified arity.
    • 1927, A. D. Campbell, “The discriminant of the m-ary quadratic in the Galois fields of order 2n”, Annals of Mathematics, Second Series 29:1-4.
    • 2007, Philippe Leroux, “A simple symmetry generating operads related to rooted planar m-ary trees and polygonal numbers”, Journal of Integer Sequences 10:4.
    Synonym: -adic

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math operation of given arity


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