Appendix:Ancient Greek correlatives

type interrogative indefinite negative collective (medial)
relative indefinite
identity other
basic τίς (tís, who? what?) τις (tis, someone, something),
δείς (deís, a certain one, a certain thing)
οὐδείς (oudeís, no one, nothing),
μηδείς (mēdeís)
πᾶς (pâs, all, every),
ἅπας (hápas)
(ho, the),
οὗτος (hoûtos, this)
ὅδε (hóde, this) ἐκεῖνος (ekeînos, that) ὅς (hós, who, what) ὅστις (hóstis, whoever, whatever) ὁ αὐτός (ho autós, the same),
ὁμός (homós),
ὅσπερ (hósper, the very same)
ἕτερος (héteros, the other),
ἄλλος (állos, another)
dual πότερος (póteros, which of two?) πότερος (póteros, either of two),
rarely ποτερός (poterós)
οὐδέτερος (oudéteros, neither of two) ἄμφω (ámphō, both) ἑκάτερος (hekáteros, each one of both) ὁπότερος (hopóteros, whichever of two)
quality ποῖος (poîos, what kind?) ποιός (poiós, some kind of) τοῖος (toîos, this kind),
τοιοῦτος (toioûtos)
τοιόσδε (toiósde) οἷος (hoîos, which kind; such as) ὁποῖος (hopoîos, whatever kind) ὅμοιος (hómoios, the same kind) ἑτεροῖος (heteroîos, the other kind),
ἀλλοῖος (alloîos)
quantity πόσος (pósos, how much?) ποσός (posós, some amount of) τόσος (tósos, this much),
τοσοῦτος (tosoûtos)
τοσόσδε (tosósde) ὅσος (hósos) ὁπόσος (hopósos)
manner πῶς (pôs, how?) πως (pōs, somehow) οὐδαμῶς (oudamôs, by no means, in no wise) πάντῃ (pántēi, in every way, by all means),
πανταχῶς (pantakhôs)
τώς (tṓs),
ὥς (hṓs),
οὕτως (hoútōs, thus; so)
ὧδε (hôde, thus) ὡς (hōs, as) ὅπως (hópōs, however) ὁμῶς (homôs, in the same way; likewise) ἑτέρως (hetérōs, in the other way),
ἄλλως (állōs, otherwise)
place ποῦ (poû, where?),
πόθι (póthi)
που (pou, somewhere),
ποθί (pothí)
οὐδαμοῦ (oudamoû, nowhere),
οὐδαμόθι (oudamóthi)
πανταχοῦ (pantakhoû, everywhere),
πάντοθι (pántothi)
ἐνταῦθα (entaûtha, here) ἐκεῖ (ekeî, there),
ἔνθα (éntha),
ἐκεῖθι (ekeîthi)
οὗ (hoû),
ἔνθα (éntha),
ὅθι (hóthi)
ὅπου (hópou, wherever),
ὁπόθι (hopóthi)
αὐτόθι (autóthi, in the same place),
ὁμοῦ (homoû)
ἄλλοθι (állothi, elsewhere)
source πόθεν (póthen, from where? whence?) ποθέν (pothén, from somewhere) τόθεν (tóthen, from there; thence),
ἔνθεν (énthen),
ἐντεῦθεν (enteûthen)
ἐνθένδε (enthénde, from this place; hence) ἐκεῖθεν (ekeîthen, from that place; thence) ὅθεν (hóthen, from where) ὁπόθεν (hopóthen, from wherever) ὁμόθεν (homóthen, from the same place) ἄλλοθεν (állothen, from elsewhere)
destination ποῖ (poî, to where? whither?),
πόσε (póse)
ποι (poi, to somewhere; somewhither) οὐδαμῇ (oudamêi, nowhere, in no direction) πανταχῇ (pantakhêi, everywhere, in every direction) ἔνθα (éntha, to here; hither),
ἐνταῦθα (entaûtha)
ἐνθάδε (entháde, to here;
ἐκεῖσε (ekeîse, to that place; thither) οἷ (hoî, to where; whither) ὅποι (hópoi, to wherever),
ὁπόσε (hopóse)
αὐτόσε (autóse, to the same place),
ὁμόσε (homóse)
ἄλλοσε (állose, to somewhere else; elsewhither)
time πότε (póte, when?),
πῆμος (pêmos)
ποτέ (poté, once; some time) οὐδέποτε (oudépote, never) ἑκάστοτε (hekástote, always, each time),
διὰ παντός (dià pantós),
πάντοτε (pántote)
τότε (tóte, then),
τῆμος (têmos)
τημόσδε (tēmósde, at this time) ὅτε (hóte, when),
ἦμος (êmos)
ὁπότε (hopóte, whenever),
ὁππῆμος (hoppêmos)
ἅμα (háma, at the same time) ἄλλοτε (állote, at another time)
exact time πηνίκα (pēníka, at what time?) πηνίκα (pēníka, at some time) τηνίκα (tēníka, at this time),
τηνικαῦτα (tēnikaûta)
τηνικάδε (tēnikáde, at this time) ἡνίκα (hēníka, at which time) ὁπηνίκα (hopēníka, at whatever time) αὐτίκα (autíka, immediately)
size, age πηλίκος (pēlíkos, how large?) πηλίκος (pēlíkos, some size) τηλίκος (tēlíkos, this size),
τηλικοῦτος (tēlikoûtos)
τηλικόσδε (tēlikósde, this size; this age) ἡλίκος (hēlíkos, which size) ὁπηλίκος (hopēlíkos, whatever size) ὁμῆλιξ (homêlix, the same age)
repetition ποσάκις (posákis, how many times?),
ποσίνδα (posínda)
ποσάκις (posákis, some number of times) τουτάκις (toutákis, this many times),
τόσακις (tósakis)
ὁσάκις (hosákis)
ὁποσάκις (hoposákis)
ὁποσάκις (hoposákis, however many times)
multiplication ποσαπλάσιος (posaplásios, how many times?) ὁσαπλάσιος (hosaplásios),
ὁσαπλασίων (hosaplasíōn, as many times as)
order πόστος (póstos, which in a series?) ποστός (postós, somewhere in a series) ἕκαστος (hékastos, each, every one in a series) ὁπόστος (hopóstos, in which place in a series)
† Forms rarely or never used in Classical Attic prose
Relative also used in exclamations; either relative or indefinite relative used in indirect questions.