Appendix:Finnish nominal inflection/lapsi

KOTUS type 29 (lapsi) NSK types 45 (lapsi), 46 (hapsi) and 50 (uksi)

A very small number of nominals ending with a hard consonant followed by -si. No consonant gradation.

The word lapsi is the only word always declined like this. A few other words may decline either like lapsi or like ovi (the two declensions differ only in the partitive singular and genitive plural).

Inflectional stem replaces -i with -e-. -e- of stem dropped before plural marker -i-.

When the partitive singular ending -ta/-tä and genitive plural ending -ten are attached, the consonant before the s is dropped. Genitive plural ending -en also possible. Partitive plural ending -a/.


back vowels
(contains a, o or u)
Inflection of Finnish nominal inflection/lapsi (Kotus type 29/lapsi, no gradation)
nominative lapsi lapset
genitive lapsen lapsien
partitive lasta lapsia
illative lapseen lapsiin
singular plural
nominative lapsi lapset
accusative nom. lapsi lapset
gen. lapsen
genitive lapsen lapsien
partitive lasta lapsia
inessive lapsessa lapsissa
elative lapsesta lapsista
illative lapseen lapsiin
adessive lapsella lapsilla
ablative lapselta lapsilta
allative lapselle lapsille
essive lapsena lapsina
translative lapseksi lapsiksi
instructive lapsin
abessive lapsetta lapsitta
comitative lapsineen
Possessive forms of Finnish nominal inflection/lapsi (type lapsi)
possessor singular plural
1st person lapseni lapsemme
2nd person lapsesi lapsenne
3rd person lapsensa