Appendix:Hungarian words of time

This is a list of time-related Hungarian words.

Times of the dayEdit

Reggel, délelőtt, nappal, délután, este, éjjel, éjszaka are nouns and adverbs at the same time. Pirkadat, alkonyat, szürkület, éjfél take -kor to create adverbs of time, while hajnal and dél take -ban/-ben for this purpose.

Days of the weekEdit

With the exception of vasárnap, which remains the same as an adverb, the other nouns take -n/-on/-en/-ön to create adverbs.


All the above nouns take -ban/-ben to create adverbs.


Their adverb forms: tavasszal, nyáron, ősszel, télen (-val/-vel with consonant assimilation for two and -on/-en for the other two).

Calendar termsEdit