This Proto-Indo-European entry contains reconstructed words and roots. As such, the term(s) in this entry are not directly attested, but are hypothesized to have existed based on comparative evidence.




  1. to tame, domesticate

Derived termsEdit

  • *domh₂-éye- ‎(causative)
    • Italic: *domaō
      • Latin: domō (see there for further descendants)
  • *demh₂-os
    • Germanic: *tamaz (see there for further descendants)
  • Unsorted formations:
    • Albanian: dem ‎(bull, steer)
    • Anatolian:
      • Hittite: [script needed] ‎(damaszi, press, push)
    • Celtic: *damna- ‎(to subdue, break a horse)
      • Old Irish: damnaid ‎(bind, subdue)
    • Celtic: *damos, *damatos ‎(bull; domesticated animal)
      • Brythonic:
        • Breton: dañvad ‎(sheep)
        • Cornish: davas ‎(sheep)
      • Old Irish: dam ‎(bull, deer)
      • Welsh: dafad ‎(sheep)
      • Gaulish: damma ‎(roe)
      • French: daim
    • Celtic: *damyo- ‎(to allow, permit, endure)
      • Brythonic:
        • Breton: gouzañv ‎(suffer, permit)
        • Cornish: godhaff ‎(suffer)
        • Welsh: goddef ‎(suffer, permit)
      • Old Irish: daimid ‎(allow), fo·daim ‎(suffer, endure)
    • Hellenic:
    • Indo-Iranian: