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Arabic script (plural Arabic scripts)

  1. The 28-letter abjad used for writing the Arabic language. Derived from the Phoenician alphabet. The Arabic script has been adapted for use in a wide variety of languages other than Arabic, including Persian, Kurdish, Malay, Urdu and some Punjabi dialects.
Name ʾálif bāʾ tāʾ ṯāʾ jīm ḥāʾ xāʾ dāl ḏāl rāʾ
Name zayn, zāy sīn šīn ṣād ḍād ṭāʾ ẓāʾ ʿayn ġayn fāʾ
Name qāf kāf lām mīm nūn hāʾ wāw yāʾ    
Note: 22 letters have four different forms according to their position: Isolated, initial, medial, final. ز, ر, ذ, د, ا and و have an identical initial and medial form, and cannot connect to the following letter (see Wikipedia: Arabic alphabet) for more information. Arabic and derived scripts partly share this peculiarity with other abjads — see e.g. the Hebrew ts (צ), which becomes ץ at the end of the word (called in that case sofiut: suffixes, endings), like four other letters.


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