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Alternative formsEdit


Etymology 1Edit

From Middle High German ouwe (terrain, landscape by water, in water, island), from Old High German ouwa, from Proto-Germanic *awjō. Compare with Old Frisian ei, Swedish ö, Danish ø, Old Norse ey; also related to the modern German suffix -ach.


Aue f (genitive Aue, plural Auen)

  1. A flat, wooded meadow by a river

Etymology 2Edit

From Old High German ouwi, from Proto-Germanic *awiz, from Proto-Indo-European *h₂ówis. Cognate with Dutch ooi, English ewe, Latin ovis, Ancient Greek ὄϊς (óïs), Sanskrit अवि (ávi).


Aue f (plural Auen)

  1. (chiefly regional) ewe (female sheep)
    Synonym: Mutterschaf