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Ayrton Senna




After the racing driver.


Ayrton Senna (plural Ayrton Sennas)

  1. (Cockney rhyming slang) Tenner (ten pound note)
    • 1995, Time Out London Guide,[1] Penguin Books, →ISBN, page 245:
      An Ayrton Senna (tenner) buys you 15 minutes of madness at Daytona & Indianapolis.
    • 2002, Manfred Görlach, Still more Englishes
      Youngsters now talk of borrowing an Ayrton Senna (tenner), of feeling Calvin Klein (fine) or being Terry Waite (late).
    • 2004, Mervyn Stutter, Getting Nowhere Fast:
      You take this hundred quid in used Ayrton Sennas and I'll be off in the old Camilla Parker-Bowles.[1]
    • 2008, Alfred fox, Anna's Story: Basset Mead[2], page 24:
      “Here, an Ayrton Senna. Now if you can get the crisps and Pepsi, don't forget the mints, I'm going to get a 'nother name.”
    • 2012, John Philips, Who Cares Who's 3rd?: (Or 2nd for That Matter)[3], page 346:
      Thank you sir - an Ayrton Senna it is - every little helps
      The weasel nodded vacantly, ruing the loss of his only tenner


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