Canadian French


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Canadian French pl (plural only)

  1. French Canadians, collectively.
    • 1755, John Shebbeare, A Letter to the People of England: On the Present Situation and Conduct of National Affairs, v 1, p 42:
      The Design on Lequesne, supposing all to have been honest that produced it, could have taken it's Rise from nothing but want of Knowledge in common Geography: No Eye that follows the Course in the Map, which is always taken by the Canadian French from Quebec to Fort Lequesne, but must be necessarily convinced that the taking Niagara would have answered all the Purposes of possessing that and Lequesne.


Canadian French (comparative more Canadian French, superlative most Canadian French)

  1. French Canadian.

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Canadian French

  1. The French language as spoken by francophones in Canada.

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