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Castro +‎ -phile


Castrophile (plural Castrophiles)

  1. A supporter or admirer, especially a foreign one, of Fidel Castro or the Castro regime.
    • 1962 June, Dudley Seers, “A Theory of Inflation and Growth in Under-Developed Economies Based on the Experience of Latin America”, in Oxford Economic Papers[1], volume 14, number 2, page 189:
      It remains to be seen whether the United States Government holds to these conditions in political crises (especially if there is a danger of a Castrophile Government appearing);
    • 1998, Gus Russo, Live by the sword: the secret war against Castro and the death of JFK[2], Bancroft Press, →ISBN, page 202:
      Ed Butler remembers that "he was a total Castrophile. He wanted to promote Fidel Castro and did everything that he could in the debate, prior to it, and afterward."
    • 2002, Christopher P. Baker, Mi moto Fidel: motorcycling through Castro's Cuba, National Geographic Society, →ISBN, page 275:
      When I started this journey, I was a Castrophile with a soft spot for the Revolution.

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