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This category contains all simplified forms of Chinese characters, including those used since 1947 in Japan, called shinjitai, and those used since 1956 in the PRC, called simplified Chinese.

Prior to these simplifications, there was a shared standard form of characters, called traditional Chinese, with some regional and idiosyncratic variation. Traditional Chinese continues to be used in some countries and regions such as overseas Chinese (Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.), and in Korean and some Japanese use (表外字).

There are a number of complicating factors, dealt with separately.

Some characters were simplified differently in Japan and in China; for these, see:

Some traditional characters were simplified to an existing traditional character, yielding a merge; for these, see:

The template {{Han simp}} will add characters here automatically; for more complicated situations such as characters simplified differently in Japan and China, please see the above subcategories.


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