Category:Dutch words suffixed with -er

Recent additions to the category
  1. boffer
  2. jaknikker
  3. patser
  4. eerder
  5. sluiter
  6. kwakzalver
  7. aandeelhouder
  8. aanbesteder
  9. ondervrager
  10. aanbrenger
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  1. omstander
  2. buitenlander
  3. betweter
  4. rijder
  5. uitschieter
  6. versneller
  7. bediener
  8. zwartwerker
  9. beklimmer
  10. oplader

» Dutch words by suffix » Words suffixed with -er

Dutch words ending with the suffix -er.

Note: This category is not for Dutch adjective comparative forms, for that see Category:Dutch adjective comparative forms.

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