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Category:English hedges

Recent additions to the category
  1. strictly
  2. IANAD
  3. in layperson's terms
  4. in laywoman's terms
  5. apparently
  6. two cents
  7. from the heart
  8. at a glance
  9. somewhat
  10. relatively
Oldest pages ordered by last edit
  1. in retrospect
  2. off the record
  3. for the record
  4. in essence
  5. at first sight
  6. from the heart
  7. in one's opinion
  8. off the cuff
  9. acceptably
  10. reportedly

Fundamental » All languages » English » Terms by semantic function » Hedges

English expressions that are used to qualify statements so as to lessen impact, e.g. to appear polite or modest or to soften a blow.

See also Category:English modal adverbs