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Category:Hungarian words prefixed with se-

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  1. senki
  2. semmi
  3. semeddig
  4. sehonnét
  5. sehonnan
  6. sehun
  7. sehogyan
  8. sehogy
  9. sehol
  10. sehány
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  1. senki
  2. semmi
  3. sehol
  4. semennyi
  5. sehogy
  6. sehova
  7. semelyik
  8. semekkora
  9. sehány
  10. sehonnét

Fundamental » All languages » Hungarian » Terms by etymology » Words by prefix » se-

Hungarian words beginning with the prefix se-.

Note: senki and semmi belong here, too, even if they use sem as a prefix. (Sem is a form variant of se like an is a form variant of a in English.)

To be added: semerre semerről

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