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  1. 敲く
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  1. へつ
  2. Nihon-kyo
  3. どうもない
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Japanese terms that need miscellaneous attention of knowledgeable editors.

Specifically, terms are categorized here by templates, sorted under a key letter indicating why they appear here:

  • * {{attention|ja}} indicates the term has been marked as needing attention; sorts first
  • k from {{rfscript}} entry needs kanji added, often an English term needing kanji in a translations section
  • p indicates that the entry needs a POS header (has either Romaji or Hiragana as a header)
  • s Template:ja-kanji with no rs parameter for sorting.
  • g Template:ja-kanji with no grade parameter.

The definition of what appears in this category will change over time.


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