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  1. 反復
  2. みとる
  3. 窪む
  4. 説法
  5. 掃く
  6. ねぼう
  7. 朝寝坊
  8. フォトショ
  9. 風聞
  10. 繁盛
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  1. 敲く
  2. 合う
  3. そう
  4. いく
  5. おくる
  6. おそう
  7. あんしん
  8. おくれる
  9. いち
  10. あいする

Fundamental » All languages » Japanese » Lemmas » Verbs

Japanese terms that indicate actions, occurrences or states.

For more information, see Appendix:Japanese verbs.

Entries in this category are made by Template:ja-verb. They are sorted by the hiragana/katakana form, then by script forms, romaji, kana and kanji forms by radical/stroke following for each word.


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