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  1. 目にあう
  2. にあう
  3. 似合う
  4. 交媾
  5. のうしょうをしぼる
  6. 脳漿を絞る
  7. ようへん
  8. ひんだい
  9. 品題
  10. 食らう
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  1. 入定
  2. 割り勘にする
  3. きゅうりょう
  4. 縮む
  5. 泣潰す
  6. ちょうだい
  7. 老いる
  8. 造営
  9. じゅすい
  10. 実の有る

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Japanese terms that indicate actions, occurrences or states.[edit]

Entries in this category are made by Template:ja-verb. They are sorted by the hiragana/katakana form, then by script forms, romaji, kana and kanji forms by radical/stroke following for each word.


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