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Category:Japanese verbs

Recent additions to the category
  1. 愛食
  2. こうてい
  3. 破滅
  4. 酔っ払い運転
  5. しつれん
  6. 遊戯
  7. がいぶん
  8. じかだんぱん
  9. 直談判
Oldest pages ordered by last edit
  1. 追い散らす
  2. 追い払う
  3. 聞き捨てる
  4. 彷徨く
  5. 匿う
  6. 歩き回る
  7. 時化る
  8. 蹴散らす
  9. ターン
  10. 旋転

Fundamental » All languages » Japanese » Lemmas » Verbs

Japanese terms that indicate actions, occurrences or states.

For more information, see Appendix:Japanese verbs.

Entries in this category are made by Template:ja-verb. They are sorted by the hiragana/katakana form, then by script forms, romaji, kana and kanji forms by radical/stroke following for each word.


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