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  1. 阿摩尼亞
  2. 狼狈
  3. 狼狽
  4. 巨人
  5. 眼界
  6. 界限
  7. 代書
  8. 代书
  9. 占卜
  10. 恩情
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  1. khang-khòe
  2. kǹg-pit
  3. mī-tiâu
  4. tāi-hu
  5. khang-khè
  6. khùn-lân
  7. sò͘-ha̍k
  8. làu-sái-bé
  9. kiat-kó
  10. khah-chhia

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Min Nan terms that indicate people, beings, things, places, phenomena, qualities or ideas.

Nouns in Min Nan, listed in POJ with tone number order. Simplified and Traditional form entries follow the POJ entry (if present).

All entries in this category should be made by Template:nan-noun. If an entry appears under ? it means the template does not have the POJ-with-tones parameter for categorization.


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