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  1. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/balwahugdīg
  2. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/balwa-
  3. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/balwastiurīg
  4. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/balwahauʀīg
  5. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/singrōnijā
  6. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/balwadādi
  7. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/Dōnauwjā
  8. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/balwīg
  9. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/talt
  10. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/skākijan
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  1. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/hakkju
  2. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/sihti
  3. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/nosu
  4. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/Haþuwīg
  5. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/Mārīwīg
  6. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/wlātōn
  7. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/straikōn
  8. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/karēn
  9. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/derkōn
  10. Reconstruction:Proto-West Germanic/sangijan

Proto-West Germanic entries without a References or Further reading header.

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