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Requests for cleanup of Pronunciation N headers in Japanese entries.

To make this request, in this specific language, use this code in the entry (see also the documentation at Template:rfc-pron-n):


This template does not generate any text in entries.

The purpose of this category is to tag entries that use headers with "Pronunciation" and a number.

While these headers and structure are sometimes used, they are not specifically prescribed by WT:ELE. No complete proposal has yet been made on how they should work, what the semantics are, or how they interact with multiple etymologies. As a result they should generally be avoided. Instead, merge the entries (possibly under multiple Etymology sections, if appropriate), and list all pronunciations, appropriately tagged, under a Pronunciation header.

KassadBot tags these entries (or used to tag these entries, when the bot was operational). At some point if a proposal is made and adopted as policy, these entries should be reviewed.

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