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Category:Translingual words suffixed with -aceae

Recent additions to the category
  1. Chenopodiaceae
  2. Nepenthaceae
  3. Rosaceae
  4. Crassulaceae
  5. Fagaceae
  6. Cucurbitaceae
  7. Juglandaceae
  8. Typhaceae
  9. Microthyriaceae
  10. Plectosphaerellaceae
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  1. Phyllanthaceae
  2. Parmeliaceae
  3. Musaceae
  4. Rubioideae
  5. Nymphaeaceae
  6. Strophariaceae
  7. Pottiaceae
  8. Malpighiaceae
  9. Balsaminaceae
  10. Melanthiaceae

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Translingual words ending with the suffix -aceae.

Here are taxonomic names suffixed with -aceae. These taxa are names of families of plants, algae and fungi.

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