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Christo- +‎ Islamic


Christo-Islamic (comparative more Christo-Islamic, superlative most Christo-Islamic)

  1. (religion) Christo-Muslim.
    • 1996, Ralph Freedman, Life of a Poet: Rainer Maria Rilke, Northwestern University Press (1996), →ISBN, page 352:
      He felt sure that in Toledo, among Goyas and El Grecos, in the spiritual climate of Christo-Islamic Spain as manifested in its art, he would be able to complete his elegies.
    • 1999, David Birmingham, Portugal and Africa, Palgrave (1999), →ISBN, page 6:
      Information about the trans-Saharan supply of African gold was widely known in the Christo-Islamic financial circles of the Mediterranean and certainly reached the merchants of Lisbon.
    • 2005, Richard Demarco, "Too Rough to Go Slow", in Spirits of the Age: Scottish Self Portraits (ed. Paul Henderson Scott), The Saltire Society (2005), →ISBN, page 115:
      There followed an ecumenical service focussed on Christo-Islamic harmony at St. Giles Cathedral.