English citations of Skynet

  • 2005 June, Josh Norem (associate editor), “In/Out”, Maximum PC, Future US, page 8:
    We here ya Steve; but try telling Skynet—or whatever computer system Scrabble Online uses to acquire its words—that it’s cheating.
  • 2008, Chris Seibold, Big Book of Apple Hacks, O’Reilly Media, ISBN 0596529821, page 614:
    When not blogging, Tanner runs an underground-resistance team dedicated to plotting the exact date Skynet will become self aware and jam out to Guitar Hero.
  • 2010 May 21, Rich Mogull (interviewee), Ira Flatow (interviewer), “Online Privacy”, Talk of the Nation, Science Friday, National Public Radio:
    Facebook is not Skynet, at least not yet, so it doesn't have the ability to sort of think and track us, but if a lot of different people use the same words and information it could certainly pull that together.
  • 2011 April 15, Will Wright, “Reality, Perception and Culture”, Inventing the Future of Games, University of California at Santa Cruz:
    I just had a son recently, and he’s basically been born into Skynet. He’s going to be awash in data, and almost every record of his life—photos, things he’s written, whatever—is going to be recorded somewhere and probably persist far into the future.