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Citations:affaire de cœur

English citations of affaire de cœur

Noun: love affairEdit

1877 1890 1900 1906
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  • 1877, Charles Loftus, My Life, Volume I., pages 217–218:
    However, I could not but turn over in my mind this sudden and unexpected affaire de cœur, which had in so short a time come to a crisis, and which would be likely to create embarrassment, for I was well aware of my dear father's objection to the early marriages of young men without good prospects, and here were few on either side.
  • 1890, William Kingsford, The History of Canada, Chapter VII., page #113:
    At this date occurred his affaire de cœur with Elizabeth, eldest daughter of sir Wilfrid Lawson, maid of honour to the princess of Wales.
  • 1900, unknown, The Saturday Review of politics, Literature, Science and Art, Volume LXXXIX., page #814:
    It seems strange that to write such lines as those quoted above should have helped Bryon to forget an unlucky affaire de cœur, but such it seems was the case.
  • 1906, John Price Millington, John Dalton, Chapter V., page #91:
    He himself confesses to an affaire de cœur which seems to have been something quite out of the common course of his life.