Citations:all of a sudden

English citations of all of a sudden

1705, , The Present State of Europe:

[...] my self that the Enemies great Springs of Money, Credit, and various Expedients for procuring Supplies, [...] fail and dry up all of a Sudden, to such a Degree as is Represented.

1891, Charles Dickens, All the Year Round:

All of a sudden there was a dull kind of a bang, such as a gun fired a long way off might make, and all the after-part of the ship was blown right up in the air, looking for all the world like a set-piece o' fireworks; [...]

1996, Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club:

In Catch-Up Rap, someone will say how the agent has spread into his spinal column and now all of a sudden he'll have no control of his left hand.