English citations of alt

  • 2001 January 16, Adrian Suri, in Uplaods to Hobbes in WPI format, comp.os.os2.apps, Usenet:
    PS As an alt idea you know there's an os2 extractor for linux install files...
  • 2003 June 22, Rich Shewmaker, quoting David Wright, in What is conventional and alternative medicines take on yeast in the body?, misc.health.alternative, Usenet:
    > The idea that candida is lurking in your body and doing all sorts of
    > awful things to you and Must Be Eliminated is, for the most part, an
    > alt idea. It starts to get really complex and then they tell you that
    > you shouldn't eat bread, even though the yeast in bread has nothing to
    > do with candida.