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English citations of androgynocentrism

  • 1981, Social Sciences[1], volume 12, number 1-2, page 183:
    However, Pyatnitsky concedes that a highly developed society is capable of fulfilling those very same functions by different means, which will demand "androgynocentrism", that is, not hierarchical but "complementary" relations between the two sexes.
  • 2018, Gautam Basu Thakur, Jonathan Michael Dickstein, Lacan and the Nonhuman (→ISBN), page 265:
    Crucial to stress is that the phallus in these scenarios, as the function of an indeterminate object signaling anxiety, fails to show itself in phallocentrism, phallogocentrism, androcentrism, and also opposing positions like gynocentrism, androgynocentrism, gynoandrocentrism, extra-gynoandrocentrism, and so on. Generally, the phallus as what might be called the unsaturated place for the indeterminate object of anxiety does not appear in any situation or discourse of its pure centering ...