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English citations of break bad

of an event or of one's fortunes: to wrong, to go downhillEdit

  • 1908, Rex Beach, The barrier, page 212:
    "A woman came out from the East—Vermont, it was—and school-teaching was her line of business, only she hadn't been raised to it, and this was her first clatter at the game; but things had broke bad for her people, and ended in her pulling stakes and coming West all alone.
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  • 1917, Ring Lardner, “The Hold-out”, in Matthew Joseph Bruccoli, editor, Ring around the bases: the complete baseball stories of Ring Lardner, published 2003, page 413:
    Hagedorn began to whine. "Mr. Edwards," he says, "you got me entirely wrong. I wouldn't lay down on nobody. I've give you my best every minute, and if I haven't it was because things broke bad for me." "What things?" I ast him.
  • 1928, George Herman Ruth, Babe Ruth's Own Book of Baseball, page 6:
    What a friend he was, as I found out during 1924 and 1925 when things were breaking bad and I needed friends as I never had needed them before.
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  • 2004, Gregg O. McCrary, The Unknown Darkness: Profiling the Predators Among Us, page 161:
    Or could a monk have been unwittingly used by narcoterrorists to move drugs into the country and it somehow broke bad?

of a person: to go bad; to turn toward immorality or crimeEdit

  • 1992, Lonnie H. Athens, The creation of dangerous violent criminals, page 76:
    The subject has what is described in common parlance as 'broken bad' and, as a result, has become a dangerous menace to others.
  • 2000, Howard Swindle, Doin' Dirty, page 204:
    When the narcs told him they were filing habitual criminal charges against him, Demetrius broke bad, breaking one narc's arm and superficially whacking up the other with a box cutter.
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  • 2005, Will D. Campbell, The Glad River (ISBN 1573124451), page 18:
    But somehow he broke bad when he was just a yearling boy, started running around at night with a bad crowd, drinking beer and wine, and fighting and getting in all kinds of trouble and wouldn't go to school.
  • 2012, John Grisham, The Racketeer (ISBN 0385536887):
    My nephew was breaking bad, getting deeper into the crack trade, []
  • 2008, Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, “Pilot”, Breaking Bad:
    Nah, come on, man! Some straight like you, giant stick up his ass, all a sudden at age, what, sixty, he's just gonna break bad?