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English citations of bunkum

  • 1923, Christopher Morley, The Powder of Sympathy, page 265
    The old bunkums, one suspects, still pass current here as they do not any longer in England.
  • 1925, Eden Phillpotts, Circé's Island: And The Girl & the Faun, page 122
    [...] the manifold and serpentine wiles and evasions, shufflings and fencings, deceits and dissimulations, he had practised —the bunkums and the quackeries, [...].
  • 1941, Sampige Venkatapathaiya, Meher Baba: The Greatest Hoax of the XX Century, page 98
    The greatest of all the bunkums that we have so far seen is the most blasphemous claim put forth by this ex-toddy seller [...].
  • a. 1950, James Stephens Letters of James Stephens, (Macmillan, 1974), page 49
    There are two sides to the moon, and the bards if they wish it might state a hard case against the land of saints and scolars, the land of tin-trumpery of this and the other description, the land of incredible bunkums and blindnesses. Boston never claimed culture so vociferously [...].
  • 1955, Neil Bell, My Writing Life, page 137
    These medical bunkums have their vogue and then make way for others.
  • 1978, M. M. Kaye, The Far Pavilions, page 854
    'Well of all the -!' began the doctor explosively; and then broke into laughter. 'Bunkum, my dear boy - bunkum! Faith, I never heard such twaddle in me life, [...]