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English citations of mun

Noun: "(gaming) the person who roleplays a character in a role-playing game, especially an online play-by-post one"Edit

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  • 1997 October 29, Jade [username], “Re: Male dragon in need of mate ^_^”, in, Usenet[1]:
    Jade grabs a handful of brownies and nibbles on then,[sic] trying to keep her mun from reaching right to the screen to get some []
  • 1997 December 6, sirius_lair [username], “Sirius explains herself....”, in, Usenet[2]:
    (my mun if anyone cares--lives in So. CA and works for a little aerospacwe[sic] Co. That is where the love of stars comes from. I hope that someday she really gets to go to Sirius instead of just gazing at it.)
  • 1998 July 14, Wertle 1 [username], “Wertle's turn to rant”, in, Usenet[3]:
    What's worst of all is that my US History teacher says "nucular" and allll through the Cold War section my mun was just itching to jump out of her seat and run around screaming "nuclear nuclear nuclear!!!!!"
  • 1998 October 15, Remie x [username], “Re: Barney hunt [rp?]”, in, Usenet[4]:
    rofl. my mun says she wants to get the red ones... you can have the blue teletubbies.. or the yellow..
  • 1999 November 4, Milelarau [username], “Re: Roleplaying”, in, Usenet[5]:
    Wait a sec.... You mean.. this is a GAME??
    And here I thought that nine tae five job my mun goes to everyday was a game and Norrath was my home..
  • 2000 April 30, NghtKeeper [username], “OFF TOPIC”, in alt.culture.vampires, Usenet[6]:
    Due to Mun stuff,,, The Char Lani is being deleated[sic] later tonight, For those of you who rp with her in aol gor and wish to continue the rp with this mun….. let me know and I will send sn's of other chars, []
  • 2001 December 31, JamesStein, “Sucessfully Powering Down a Campaign”, in, Usenet[7]:
    Any suggestions on how to successfully turn this into a good SL, which will bring the characters back into the range of normalcy, without leaving the muns feeling deprived of everything their characters earned?