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English citations of résumé

  1. Account of education and employment.
    See resumé/Citations
  2. Summary or synopsis.
    • 1911: R.H. Fernald & C.D. Smith of the U.S. Department of the Interior, Résumé of Producer-gas Investigations, p[UNKNOWN]: [1]
    • 1917: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, His Last Bow: His Last Bow, p[UNKNOWN]: [2]
      “I naturally sent a résumé of the information to Berlin.”
    • 1960: S.G. Hanson & D.C.M. Platt, Inter-American Economic Affairs, p69: [3]
      This paper is a résumé of research on the Brazilian textile industry under the auspices of the Research Center in Entrepreneurial History, Harvard University.
    • 2005: Michelle A. Green & Mary Jo Bowie, Essentials Of Health Information Management: Principles and Practices →ISBN, p134: [4]
      The discharge summary (or clinical résumé) provides information for continuity of care and facilitates medical staff committee review; it can also be used to respond to requests from authorized individuals or agencies.